Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Sunday

The first week of the NFL season is too early for me to care about any game but the Steelers, and secondarily, the 49ers. But not enough to even know who the 9ers are playing.

I just want to record here that I've got a feeling: that Dennis Dixon is going to have a big game as Steelers quarterback on Sunday. That's all. The game starts in a little more than 12 hours, so we'll see if this feeling, which I've had for several days and is based a bit on intuitive responses to certain facts and statements, will turn out to be right.

Meanwhile, the SF baseball Giants are still in the thick of the postseason hunt but even taking two of three from San Diego, they haven't quite made it either to the top of the division, or the top of the Wild Card. They could forlornly turn out to be the best team to not make the playoffs. But they are keeping it interesting.