Thursday, February 25, 2016


Orlando hosted a game Wednesday but it was Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors who were Magic.  In back to back games on the road, the Warriors beat Miami and Orlando.  In those two games Steph Curry scored a total of 93 points, and broke the consecutive game record for at least one 3 pointer.  On Wednesday he had 10.  The Warriors have won 3 of 4 games on this road trip since the All Star Break.

His ten included another half court shot at the buzzer.  He does that so often it's like going to a Giants game in one of Barry Bonds record homer years--if you didn't see him hit one, you might feel cheated.  Now if you're lucky enough to get into a Golden State game, if you don't see Curry make a half court shot during the game, you might be disappointed.  But if you got there early, you certainly saw him make a few in warm-ups.

After they beat the Clippers, the LA Times sportswriter contrasted the two locker rooms.  The Clippers being tentative and a bit fractious.  But the Warriors, he wrote, don't just all like each other, they love each other.

That doesn't happen very often.  Which is part of this year's Golden State Magic.  52-5, on their way to Oklahoma Saturday.  Then home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The Golden State Warriors became the fastest team to 50 wins in NBA history by beating Atlanta, which could be the start of several records between now and the end of the season.

They came out of the All Star break rusty and dropped their first road game of a challenging trip in Portland.  They rebounded with a victory over the Clippers the next night.  Then with just a travel day across 3 time zones, they hit the court running against Atlanta.  They lost big leads in both of their victories, so Steph got no rest in the fourth quarters.

Now they fly down to Florida for back to back games with Miami and Orlando, before another single travel day to cross time zones to Oklahoma on Saturday.  It's the most punishing trip of the year, and may determine a number of things for the remainder of the season, which they spent mostly at home, but with a quick rematch with Oklahoma and three games later with San Antonio.

To break the all-time victories for a season record they need to go 23-4 for the rest of the season.  They also have the all time record in consecutive home wins in their sights.  Why should they bother with these records instead of resting players for the playoffs?  One championship related answer is San Antonio, which is 47-9 and is riding their own consecutive home wins streak.  Golden State's goal is to give itself the best possible position in the playoffs, and that means holding the best record in the West.  So they'll be out to win every game for the foreseeable future. April is another question, to be answered by what happens this month and through March.