Sunday, March 01, 2009

Getting Used to This

I suppose we're all still getting used to this: we've got a President who is doing weird things, like keeping campaign promises. Like changing things.

Some seem to still be having problems coping with the fact that we have a Democrat in the White House. Somebody on Keith pointed out--I think it was that guy in the v-neck sweater from the Nation--that despite the change in party of power, Washington and its media is still geared up to serve Republicans. But it seems so is Keith. Most of "Countdown" is still railing against Republicans and the right. Hey, Keith--how about more on what Obama is doing, instead of what the Republicans are saying? It's the same moronic blather, and it doesn't do anything anymore.

Meanwhile, Obama is doing so much so fast, with such huge changes comparatively, that it would be nice to see more about that. Is anybody equipped to do that kind of reporting, after eight years in the Bush? A newspaper in England not exactly in tune with a Democratic agenda has noticed a few things.

Tomorrow Kathleen Sebelius is supposed to be announced as the choice for Health and Human Services. Politically it may not seem like the smartest move. If she stayed in Kansas and ran for the Senate in 2010, it probably would mean a crucial Democratic seat. Meanwhile, Howard Dean doesn't have a job. But Governor Sebelius is praised as an administrator--and that's what HHS needs. So it may well be better for the country.

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