Monday, April 06, 2009

The Final One

Congratulations to North Carolina, winner of the NCAA men's championship game against Michigan State. It was a game that lacked suspense but not beauty, especially NC's first half.

The last announcers of the pre-game both predicted a Michigan State victory. Yet when all the pre-game commentary, statistics and analysis was done, one of the game announcers emphasized a basic fact that goes way back to high school or before. North Carolina players were taller than Michigan State's. That was pretty much how it used to work, too: the team with the taller players usually won.

Update: Congrats as well to the UConn women's team which finished a 38-0 season by doing a Carolina on Louisville. If anything, the UConn women were even more dominant this year, winning by double digits over every opponent they faced. These kind of games can be fun to watch just to see superior execution, if that's not too punishing a word.

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