Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Two polls, CNN and Bloomberg show Obama approval up, and health care reform approval up.

A poll of physicians in the U.S. showed approval for a public option of nearly two-thirds. The approval cut across all demographic, geographical lines. NPR made much of this, and Sohum Parlance has one of several analyses.

The Massachusetts legislature is poised to vote authority to the governor to appoint a Senator to take Senator Kennedy's seat until the special election, or perhaps until 2010. No Kennedy is apparently running for the seat, but no word on who might accept the appointment, which might comes with the proviso that the appointee not run.

Bill Clinton settled another score by endorsing San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome for the Dem nom for governor of CA. Bad blood between Clintons and Jerry Brown, the other (but unannounced) candidate. Since nobody is paying attention to this race yet, it's not clear what this affects except big bucks fundraising.

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