Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Reality Check

For awhile now, the Giants getting into the postseason was an unlikely possibility.  Now after dropping the final two games at home with St. Louis, and the first two games of three at Los Angeles, that has grown more remote.  Not impossible, not on the first of September, but some dramatic stuff will have to happen.

But you know what?  They still give you your money's worth.  Bruce Bochy said he was proud of how they played in the L.A. opener on Monday (into Tuesday), even though they lost in the 14th inning.  (Had it gone 15, they likely would have won, because the Dodgers were out of pitchers.)  Credit the Dodgers relievers, otherwise that team's weakness.

Things could have hardly gone worse in that epic opener.  On the last day before roster expansion, the starters had to stay in the game for 14 innings and the bullpen, already overused, got stretched to the limit.  And Brandon Crawford got injured all over again, in his first game back.  They just never got the one hit that might have salvaged at least the win, in the game of the series that on paper they were more likely to win than the other two.

Tuesday night an exhausted team, fielding some players who had just joined or rejoined the club, couldn't support MadBum's start, and they lost the second game 2-1.  The Giants have learned how to win without Pence, but they haven't without Crawford.  Buster Posey, who caught 14 innings in a game that ended after midnight, was back behind the plate, and got one hit. That's heroic.  Manager Bochy as well as pitcher Jake Peavy were ejected for arguing a key strikeout call in the 7th, when the Giants had runners on second and third.  Once again, Matt Duffy made a stellar play and got a key hit.

Some will say the Giants' season is over, but you know, it just ain't.  They play good ball, heroic at times, fun to watch.  This road trip may have already turned deadly--especially if they lose the third game (and the pitching matchup says they probably will)--but they are at home for most of the rest of the season.  There will be great days and evenings at their San Francisco park, fans will see terrific baseball and have fun.  Kids will get their certificate for seeing their first Giants game, as my pal Beckett did last weekend.

It also looks more and more likely that the Pirates will get into the postseason only as a Wild Card.  They lost Tuesday while the Cards won.

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