Friday, March 18, 2016

One Down

With a fantastic late flurry in the fourth, the Warriors blew open what had been a close game against Dallas, winning 130-112.  It was yet another record-setter and record-tying performance.

Now the biggest challenge of the season so far: an overnight trip to San Antonio.  To make it more exciting, Andrew Bogut was injured and probably won't play against the Spurs.  That's the biggest personnel loss so far--especially against the Spurs, and especially on defense.

The Splash Brothers were both "on" in Dallas (combining for 70 points), and even though Steph Curry proved in Dallas that he's essentially unguardable, they'll both need to be on big time in San Antonio (which means a back to back big night for Klay Thompson) if the Warriors are going to do what they haven't done in this century, and what nobody has done in San Antonio this season: beat the Spurs in their own building.  If they do, it will be their most spectacular win of the season.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants have fans holding their breath as the injury bug that ate their season last year beginning in spring training has been biting again.  So far, nothing long term, but it's ridiculous.  Several veterans have lost playing time because of injuries, but the most maddening and ridiculous have been to two new Giants--pitcher Cueto throws one pitch and gets hit in the head with a line drive and in his first game playing center field  Denard Span injures his shoulder on the first fly ball hit to him.

But at least so far, the difference is that the injuries weren't serious.  Cueto survived without a concussion, Matt Cain recovered to pitch a great game today against the Padres, with four Giants homering, including Span.  MadBum has recovered from his two small injuries fast enough to start Saturday.

It's actually been a pretty good spring for the Giants, especially with eye-popping hitting by young players who will go back to the minors (or already have) but who make the Giants' future (in some cases, near future) look good.

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