Monday, May 30, 2016

History, and More to Come

The Golden State Warriors made history all season but this was the most dramatic: becoming the third team ever to be down 3-1 in conference finals, to win three must-win games back to back to take the conference championship.

It was probably the broadest team effort of the playoffs for the Dubs, with significant contributions--and highlights--by players coming off the bench for a few minutes at a time.  Once again, Klay Thompson's 3s kept them in the game when OKC had its runs in the first half.  But as I suggested would happen, Steph Curry was dominant in the second half, and close-out time.  He was back to being himself, with confident drives to the basket and quick sidesteps to give himself just enough room for his 3s--he had 7, which is a new game 7 record, naturally.  Klay had 6, which also breaks the previous record.  It was Curry's 3 that sealed the deal with a half minute to go.  The final score was 96-88.  Curry had 36 points.

The Warriors had to come back from a 13 point deficit, and their 3s were the difference.  The bench plus Klay brought them back in the 3rd quarter, and Curry took over the 4th.

The NBA championship series begins Thursday in Oakland. against the Cavs.  The conference championship means this historic season won't be forgotten.  Four more wins assures it.

Nice overnight piece on game 7 at espn.

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