Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here They Come

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, who won the Western Conference championship, going 12-0 in the playoffs, to be the first team to qualify for the  NBA championship finals.

They did it with a very active Stephen Curry and a deadly Kevin Durant on both ends, over an injury-depleted San Antonio Spurs.  But even though they might not have swept the Spurs at full strength,  they likely would have won in 6 or fewer games.

The only shock of the playoffs this week was the collapse of Cleveland in their third game, overcome by a depleted Celtics team that made up a 20 point deficit in the fourth quarter.  The disappearance of LeBron James in the quarter suggests how dependent they are on him having great games in the finals.

The Warriors may worry about the continuing shooting woes of Klay Thompson, an unusual pattern for this streak shooter who rarely has even two bad games in a row.  They will need a spry Iguodala and the canny Zaza to keep giving the Cavs a different look at the rim.  And protecting the ball better is also essential.  But the Cavs caving like that certainly diluted the intimidation factor, assuming they emerge (as they probably will, in five or six.)  It won't be till June but here come the Dubs.

And all of a sudden here come the Giants.  More home runs provide another victory, this time over the WC Cubs.  Winning on the road is a good complement to winning at home.

Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Pirates, also with a disappointing start, have shown signs of getting back on track, especially as injured stars come back.  Both teams have a ways to go, but at least their season may not be lost after all.

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