Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wisconsin (Less Worried)

I'm feeling a little better about it, because I finally found two pertinent stories: one that says that although Hillaryites have 4 TV ads going in Wisconsin, the Obama campaign is outspending them 4-1 in the major media markets of Milwaukee and Madison to put their ads actually on the air.

The Obama ad campaign started earlier as well. Though the TMP reporter suggests that since Hillary's ads and Obama's come-backs are still hammering Hillary's hitting Obama for not debating her in Wisconsin may be getting some traction.

But the most telling news to me is that Hillary, who is in Wisconsin for the first time today (while Obama has been there since Tuesday), is leaving the state a day before she'd originally planned. So she'll have one event in the state on Monday. This suggests that she's given up already.

Also, Wisconsin's biggest newspaper has just endorsed Obama. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote:

Our recommendation in Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday for the Democratic nomination is Barack Obama. That's our recommendation because change and experience are crucial to moving this country forward after what will be eight years of an administration careening from mistake to catastrophe to disaster and back again. The Illinois senator is best-equipped to deliver that change, and his relatively shorter time in Washington is more asset than handicap.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board on Wednesday, the first-term senator proved himself adept at detail and vision.

But I'm still bothered by the dearth of information about Wisconsin. I don't like the idea that everyone is assuming an Obama victory, or that the media has bought into the Clinton script that the next meaningful contests are Ohio and Texas.

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