Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wisconsin Tuesday

Hold onto your hats. It's a cold, icy day in Wisconsin. Polls close in 2.5 hours. But leaked exit poll information point unambiguously to a big Obama victory. The leaks could be wrong (though multiple sources are being cited, the ultimate source may be one guy) and the exit polls wrong or deceptive, but all this is coming in just as students at the major U.s and people voting after work are voting.

Also reports on the Obama ground game are tremendous. Here's this from a Kos thread:

Update 2:25 pm: Obama supporters can relax, because the Obama volunteers are not. They are mad men/women. Just off the phone with Obama HQ in Madison. Some facts:
- Entire City of Madison was hit with lit Saturday - They're doing it again today; F&^* the cold, hitting the Isthmus and campus. - Students do not vote early; they vote when they want, between classes and beers. - Obama HQ on Gilman St. on UW Campus, ran out of phones (too many volunteers), and people used their cell phones to call lists of people. - Cold out (five degrees), but staff is manning an outside tent in Library mall until they drop or the polls close. - Staff is more hyper than I - Obama has been through their phone lists, so they have begun calling them again
This may be Madison-centric, but from here nothing can stop the Obama train; because there is not quit in these people. Wow. I'm 40-something; was I that freaking nuts when I was 20?

This confidence has been growing during the day, though early reports were of light turnout (weather related) in some districts. So maybe there will be some news sooner rather than later, when the polls close at 8 pm, which will be 6pm here in CA. (There's good anecdotals coming out of Hawaii, too, but those results won't be available until tomorrow probably.)

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