Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grand Slam

I have just a few minutes to spare here before I have to do some work I actually get paid for, but the third debate is over, once again all the focus groups and instant polls show Obama won by pretty much the same margin as the first two (or for that matter, the VP debate as well.) He scored well again with Independent voters, and in the two focus groups of undecideds on CNN and Fox, the only movement was to Obama.

It didn't take long for the conventional wisdom to develop among the pundits: Obama was cool, calm and collected, while McCain was angry (an exercise in anger management, David Gergen said). So the verdict is that McCain may have helped himself a bit with the base but not outside it, and the election is pretty much over, barring the unforeseen.

I do have one bone to pick with the CV, at least that part of it expressed on the largely right-leaning lineup that Charlie Rose assembles. One after another, including Charlie, opined that Obama hasn't given a clear idea of what he'll do to address the financial crisis, or how he will approach the question of a recession at the time of huge government deficit.

Well, I hope these folks go back and read the transcript of the debate, because I heard it, loud and clear. Obama said several times that we face tough economic times, and the government will need to set priorities, because we can't do everything we want right away. And he signalled clearly that he was for economic stimulus--as he proposed and as the Democrats in Congress have proposed--and for investing government funds in energy independence and growing a green economy, in healthcare and in education, because these will pay dividends in a strong economy later on.

If and when I see a transcript I'll try to document this, but not tonight. As for the obligatory sports metaphor--I'll pass on the boxing analogies thank you very much--the Philadelphia Phillies weren't the only pennant winners tonight.

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