Monday, February 25, 2008

8 Days Away

Four new polls (so far) today show Obama cutting Clinton's lead in Ohio in half, or more. The American Research Group shows her with a ten point lead, Institute of Policy Research Ohio poll gives her an 8 pt. lead, Quinnipac 9 pts. (down from 21 pts. last week), and the Public Policy Polling survey gives her just a 4 pt. lead. All the polls show Obama gaining. There are 8 days until the Ohio primary.

The ARG poll shows Obama leading in Texas by 8 points.

There are two other contests on March 4, in Rhode Island (where Hillary was ahead) and Vermont (which Hillary is virtually conceding to Obama.) So if the primary were held tomorrow, it might be a split. But it's not. And Hillary is going negative to try to stop Obama's momentum.

The Utility Workers of America union, with 10,000 members in Ohio and 8,000 in PA, endorsed Obama today.

10,000 people attended the Obama rally in Toledo, with another 5,000 in the overflow. Obama's crowd in Akron was estimated at 8,000.

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