Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama Momentum Continues?

In a Reuters/Houston Chronicle/C-SPAN poll released Friday, Barack Obama has taken a 6 point lead in Texas, and is 2 points-- within the 3.8 margin of error-- behind Hillary Clinton in Ohio. The poll shows the momentum is with Obama.

The poll was conducted by Zogby, which has gotten some key races wrong earlier in the primary season. However, a tracking poll by a Texas company and TV station shows Obama ahead for the first time, leading by a large margin in early voting, and leading in the most populated areas with the most delegates.

Update: Other polls released today confirm these general trends. Rasmussen shows Obama gaining on Clinton in Ohio. Rasmussen and other polls show Obama slightly ahead in Texas; other polls show him slightly to moderately behind in Ohio.

Today and tonight could be quite dramatic in San Antonio. Obama and Hillary are holding events within miles of each other. And Al G. of The Field , who is reporting in San Antonio, has been hinting about a big endorsement there--Bill Richardson, more or less explicitly--but it's not clear if he's riffing or if he knows something he can't say. If Richardson really, finally is going to endorse, then Texas would be the place, where he could make some Latinos more comfortable about moving away from Hillary (or staying with her, if he endorses her.)

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