Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thankless Thursday

Romney is out. The Rabid Right is foaming at the mouth.

As I suspected, the Clinton campaign was playing possum. Their staffers aren't going without pay, the campaign has raised over $6 million in the past few days with new donors (while Obama has raised over 7.5 million) and the idea that all her former donors have maxed out is not likely to be true. Still, this guy thinks her lending that $5 million--which is apparently Bill's money, too--is going to come back to bite her.

Depressing story of the day: Paul Kane at the Washington Post maintains that it is all but impossible for either Hillary or Obama to win enough delegates in the upcoming primaries to secure the nomination. It will be up to the Super Delegates apparently. So everything we'll go through for the next several months is just go keep it close, and take control of the narrative. Maybe by then those Super Delegates will get super smart, and realize that THE REPUBLICANS CAN'T WAIT TO RUN AGAINST HILLARY, and that Obama is the only candidate WHO CAN KEEP THE BASE AND EXPAND THE PARTY.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog I always enjoy the commentary, it is very informative and entertaining.

I was wondering if you or your readers knew a good place to find an easy, simply read place to find out where the candidates stand on global warming.

I saw the earthlab poll and it is obvious that people care but the candidates websites have so much other information it is hard to find what I need with out being preached at. also has candidate information that’s pretty good: . Does anyone know of another website to find this information? Any other good resources where we I can find out how my candidate votes?