Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tsunami Tuesday, part 4

Big one: CNN projects Obama to win Connecticut.
Not a small one: CNN projects Obama to win Minnesota.

The TV is getting cluttered with Republican candidates speaking. So far, you'd have to say that both Clinton and Obama have some bragging rights, with the delegate counts to come. Hillary's wins so far will probably mean she can raise some money and compete. I'm nervous about what I'm hearing about Missouri and California. But the Obama campaign said yesterday and today that their goal was to survive Tsunami Tuesday, and make their big move afterwards. It looks like they're going to do that, at least. This analysis weighs towards an Obama advantage coming out of today.

7:45p CNN is talking about exit polls in Arizona that show Obama getting 44% of the Latino vote, much higher than nationally. Bodes well for California, since Obama is expected to do better among younger Latinos and recent immigrants, and Arizona's Latino population is older and more established. Frankly, this is the first good news I've heard about California, and it's not even about California. Polls close here in a few minutes.

8 p. NBC calls Idaho for Obama. Bracing for less than ecstatic news from Missouri and California, though CA will come much later. Missouri will be a blow if it continues to go for Clinton. St. Louis is apparently still coming in, and it depends on Obama's margin there. CA is psychological mostly--it's likely that Hillary and Obama will split the delegates pretty evenly. But it will suggest something about momentum, though we'll see how they all spin it. At this point, with the polls just closed, too close to call. Apparently he's doing well in New Mexico.

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