Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tsuami Tuesday, part 6

9 p. Barack Obama just gave another wonderful speech. While he was giving it, CNN called Colorado for Obama. And Obama has pulled ahead in Missouri! Once that happened, I think it's going to be a win.

Well, bummer. NBC calls California for Hillary. Also for McCain, which is an upset according to the polls, but I always thought he'd win it. Apparently they called it for Hillary because of high Latino turnout and only average black turnout.

10:45p. There are still not a lot of hard numbers from California I can find. Winning CA is big for Hillary, though she's been campaigning here hard, spent a lot of money, and had the Los Angeles mayor's machine in a heavily Latino area of the state.

Still, overall, a big night for Obama. He won more contests (13-9) and according to Chuck Todd of Politico is so far leading in delegates. That's huge! Now the question becomes the narrative that emerges. Some will say the Obama wave did not capsize Hillary. Some will say it was a draw. Some will point to CA and New Jersey for Hillary, some to Missouri and Conn. for Obama. And some will say what Kos said. After agreeing that CA is big for Hillary: "But the rest of the night is bleak. She didn't exceed expectations anywhere. She lost states she led big in just a few weeks ago. She's hurting for money. The calendar up ahead is tailor made for Obama. The momentum is there."

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