Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tsunami Tuesday Part 2

4 p. PT Obama wins Georgia, receiving not only over 80% of the African American vote, but 43% of the white vote, and his biggest age group: baby boomers. (Well, the younger ones.)

If this was the only election today, and if the exit polls are accurate (which is questionable) it would be historic. Imagine: nearly half the white voters in the South voting for a black man for President in the Democratic primary. For a moment just look at that. And give props to Jesse Jackson, who for so many bleak years led that chant, "Keep hope alive." It was more than a racial message, as his was more than a racial candidacy especially in 1992, when I watched him (live) debate Bill Clinton before the Pennsylvania primary. America could not really imagine a black President then. Obama is more than that--he's the Tiger Woods of politics really, with his mixed parentage, very mixed ancestry (it's just reputedly been discovered that he has Irish forebearers) and international background. But it is an important moment in American history. Maybe the first indication of the day that America might be growing up.

5p. Obama takes his home state, the Land of Lincoln, where I went to college and still have old acquaintances: Illinois.

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