Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tsunami Tuesday, part 5

8:20 p. CNN exit poll analysis shows that Obama is WINNING the white vote in California. Astonishing! He's also winning the black vote overwhelmingly. (I don't think he's gotten under 80% of the black vote anywhere, and it was like 90% in Delaware.) But what's making this close is that Clinton has 2/3 of the Latino vote. I believe the Obama campaign was hoping to get closer to 40%, so 33% may not be enough--the Latino base comprises about 30% of CA Dems. But I have to say this is hopeful. It may depend on how many of those groups voted today.

David Gergen pointed out that Minnesota has as any delegates as the much vaunted Missouri, which makes me feel better. Clinton still slightly ahead.

NBC called Arizona for Hillary, but CNN is holding off.

CNN analysis of votes still being counted in Missouri suggest Obama could still pull out a victory there. He's winning overwhelmingly in the cities--St. Louis, Kansas City, and there's a decent percentage still to be counted. I'm feeling better.

Nobody is counting delegates yet--except the campaigns. Obama's claims they're ahead by 72 so far. The formulas are so complicated that nobody will really know for days. But except for California, which looks like it's going to be even in delegates, there's not a lot out there left for Clinton (although she's going to get a bunch from Missouri because she's won most of the counties.) If Obama wins more delegates tonight, it's momentum building victory.

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